It’s official: Neil Patrick Harris will host the 2015 Oscars. The Tony-winner took to social media Wednesday to share the news with a video.

NPH is on the phone and simply says, “I’m in.” Then he looks at the camera directly and says, “Nice!” The camera pans to a yellow notebook with a “Bucket List” and at the bottom it reads: “Host the Oscars.”

The tweet received hundreds of retweets and favorites from fans excited to watch the entertainer host the biggest award show of the year. He has yet to comment further.

Harris has had some experience when it comes to award shows. He has hosted the American Theatre Wing’s Tony Awards four times and the Emmy Awards twice. His opening numbers and musical acts have earned warm praised.

Some of his memorable clips have been posted below:

Opening number at the 2013 Tony Awards:

Opening number at the 2012 Tony Awards:

Opening number at the 2011 Tony Awards:

Opening number at the 2009 Emmys:

Closing number at the 2009 Tony Awards: 

Harris can currently be seen on the big screen in “Gone Girl.” He was on “How I Met Your Mother” and famously played the teenage doctor in “Doogie Houser, M.D.” in the 1990s.

It’s the first time hosting the Academy Awards for Harris. Last year, Ellen DeGeneres made a splash by ordering pizza on stage and taking a celebrity selfie that she posted to Twitter. The Oscars will air Feb. 22, 2015 on ABC.

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