Following the release of the New iPad, Apple dropped the iPad 2 price by $100 in the U.S. And getting cue from Apple, many national retailers have also cut the prices of the device.

However, not all retailers have decided to follow Apple's footsteps.

Here're the places you should visit to grab the Apple iPad 2 at lesser price compared to its original $499 price tag.

Apple Store

According to Apple's discount pricing on the iPad 2, the 16 GB Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models (both black and white) cost $399 and $529 respectively.

Customers can also go for refurbished versions of the second generation iPad with Wi-Fi for $349 (16GB), $449 (32GB), and $549 (64GB). The Wi-Fi + 3G models cost $479 (16B), $579 (32GB), and $679 (64GB).

Best Buy

Best Buy is also offering Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G models for $400 and $530 respectively in both black and white.

The online retailer is also offering other versions of iPad 2, slashing $100 on each. You can get the Wi-Fi only 32GB iPad 2 for $500 in both colors and the 64GB iPad 2 for $600. In case of the Wi-Fi + 3G versions, the 32GB model costs $630 and the 64GB model costs $730.


Similar to Best Buy, Walmart is also following Apple's new pricing for the 16GB iPad 2. The online retailer is offering the entry level Wi-Fi only iPad 2 for $399 in white or black while the Wi-Fi + 3G model is available for $529.

The 64GB Wi-Fi only model is a bit costlier in Walmart than in Best Buy. You will get it for $650, $50 cheaper than the original price.


Target is selling the 16 GB Wi-Fi only models of the iPad 2 (both black and white) for $400.

Radio Shack

According to PC World, RadioShack is selling the iPad 2 only in its stores for $100 cheaper than the original price. However, the availability may vary in different areas.