Apple product launches tend to bring out much speculation about what features a new device might have, but now consumers are getting wise to Apple's ways, so there wasn't quite the barrage of rumors this time. With the new iPad released, let's see which predictions were right and which were wrong. First, the name. Nobody got this one right. It's just iPad, not iPad 3 or HD. Perhaps all the new iPads will be just iPad, and people can take to calling them by year like with automobile models.

'Hey, is that the 2012 iPad? Nah, it's the 2014.'

New iPad does look exactly like the iPad 2 so it won't be as easy to haul it out and get any instant recognition from onlookers. You'll have to explain your technological superiority like with the iPhone 4S. Perhaps the fourth-generation iPad will have a radical new redesigned body. Apple did include all new camera optics, something we didn't think they would do because, really, who uses their tablet as a camera. But, the new iSight optics import the same technology as in the iPhone 4S, and the new iPad now includes a five megapixel rear-facing camera with 1080p video capture. Two of the most wide spread rumors turned out to be 100% accurate. 4G LTE is on the new iPad and so is the so called retina display with more than 3.1 million pixels to wow your eyeballs. Start the slideshow to see the best and worst rumors and see who was right and wrong. Let us know in the comments if you had a good hit-miss ratio on iPad feature rumors.

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