Sony has rolled out a number of new iterations and versions of the PS4 in hopes of addressing concerns about efficiency and space raised by users. 

From its debut in Japan, the PS4 is now slowly making its way to Western countries, starting with the U.K., Forbes reported. With more fans getting their hands on the PS4, there have been improvements noted as well as criticisms for the new console.

One point that satisfied some customers is the reduced noise level, with the PS4 now registering at 45dB when in idle mode. This is noted to be much quieter than the rival Xbox One. As for the physical design, the new PS4 appears to be identical to its predecessor.

One NeoGAF member, Silent Storm, already had his hands on the new PS4. While he made no comparison with another PS4 console, he mentioned that it was almost the same or even quieter than the Wii U.

There also is a NeoGAF discussion with a member, OCD Guy, who also already got his unit, and he revealed some bits and pieces of what fans can expect. For instance, the rubber feet of the PS4 stayed the same, so there is the similar wobble when players will push down on the console. OCD Guy added that the mechanical buttons have a more “clicky” feel to them.

For those who are holding out for the U.S. release of the PS4, there is also a new model sighted over at GameStop. The new PS4 holds a 2 TB hard drive, already built in as a customized console, DualShockers reported.

The store is dubbing it a “premium refurbished” edition that's meant to give more space for players, especially with the coming and newly released PS4 games. It is reportedly perfect for players who are not well-versed with switching out hard drives.

But there are also some downsides that may make the new offer unappealing for hardcore fans. The cost alone may be a disconcerting factor, as the supercharged PS4 is priced at $479.99. In addition, GameStop did not reveal pertinent details about the hard disk, including the model and maker.

PS4 CUH-1200 unboxing (Credit: YouTube/SpokeDark TV)