Police were called to Nicki Minaj's Hollywood home on Thursday because of heated argument that took place between the Super Bass rapper and her ex-maid.

TMZ reported that a few weeks ago Minaj's ex-maid took a photograph of the rapper out of the trash and had asked for her autograph. Minaj reportedly got angry and fire the maid.

Police told TMZ that Minaj's ex-maid returned to the rapper's home and was asked to leave the premises. A source told TMZ that the maid demanded not to be treated like an animal. To which Minaj allegedly responded, I'll show you how to treat someone like an animal, get the (curse word) out of my house!

But there seems to be some discrepancies with the stories resulting from the incident, as another source told TMZ it was case of mistaken identity, as the maid who was involved in the recent war of words with Minaj on Thursday wasn't the same maid the rapper fired weeks ago, even though Minaj reportedly believed her to be the same person.

It seems the argument somewhat escalated and Minaj's boyfriend allegedly got involved by pushing the maid with his body. These actions led the maid's boss to call the police and file a battery report, according to TMZ.

The woman decided against filing a citizen's arrest, TMZ reported.