Lil' Kim isn't the only one hip hop diva Nicki Minaj has beef with. College students, at least at Syracuse University, are also on the rapper's radar. Well, that's what it seemed like on Twitter.

According to local news source, a student at the university sent a tweet to the Super Bass singer asking about a rumor that Minaj would be performing at the 2012 SU Block Party. The concert is an annual major campus music event, with Kid Cuddi headlining last year's show and rap sensation Drake performing in 2010.

Hell to the NO. Huh? was her response to the message from student Sabine DaSilva, which read @nickiminaj r u really coming to Syracuse university block party cause I cant breathe right now.

The eccentric rapper then joked about making public appearances at backyard barbeques, bingo tournaments and CVS pharmacies.  Minaj was mistaken, thinking that the event was a literal neighborhood party.

After receiving a string of tweets from upset Syracuse students, the Grammy-nominated artist apologized. The 29-year-old star was silent for an hour on Twitter last night after realizing the mistake.

Yep! Sorry Syracuse. The barbz & I joke! Loveu! > RT @DrunkenMinaj: someone was falsely promoting her name Nic made a joke outta it, CHILL !' she tweeted. Please accept our apology *puppy dog eyes*.

University Union later issued a statement saying that Minaj was not booked to perform, and that they were still in the process of finalizing contracts, reported

We aren't quite sure how the Nicki Minaj rumor started because there is absolutely no validity to the claim that she will be performing at Black party, Binta Jammeh, University Union's director of public relations, told The Daily Orange.

But the college students didn't seem to phased by the hip hop star's misunderstanding, responding to her apology with, Don't worry @NICKIMINAJ, we accept your apology-you've got our heartbeat running away...