Nintendo is working on a number of exciting new projects during the next 12 months, and we were lucky enough to catch up with Scott Moffitt, Nintendo’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles to get the inside scoop on the company’s upcoming projects, and particularly next year’s unnamed “Zelda” title.

“This year, we’ve got a steady stream of really great content coming out, for the Wii U and 3DS. I’ve played ‘Hyrule Warriors’ and I love the ability to play as Zelda, this new interpretation of classic characters in a new game and the new art style is really fun,” Moffitt told IBTimes. "Hyrule Warriors" won't be considered a main title in the "Zelda" series, but will launch for the Wii U this September in North America.

“Hyrule Warriors” was announced on Dec. 18 via Nintendo Direct, the Nintendo’s online monthly news announcement. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, 54, stated that the game isn't a main series installment of the “Zelda” series but more of a spinoff. Game designer Eiji Aonuma, 50, will still produce the title. Aonuma was involved in the creation of popular “Zelda” titles "Skyward Sword,” “Twilight Princess,” “Phantom Hourglass” and “A Link Between Two Worlds.”

Last month, it was rumored the upcoming main title would be called “Shard of Nightmare,” but Moffit neither confirmed nor denied this.

“We’ve announced a new ‘Zelda’ game is in development for next year,” Moffitt told us. “’Hyrule Warriors’ will wet people’s appetite before the next ‘Zelda’ game. There’s a lot of anticipation for what that will be. And the footage we showed this week was pretty exciting for fan, we were able to show them a little taste of what’s coming.”