In a rare display of bipartisan unity, Democrats raised more than $13,000 to aid in the reopening of the bombed Republican political headquarters in North Carolina Sunday. The GoFundMe page was set up by Democrats condemning the act and aiming to raise $10,000. The final tally stood at $13,117 before the fundraiser closed Sunday.

“Less than 40 minutes after going public, we met our goal and then some! Thank you all for showing that Americans are thirsty for civility and decency, and that we love our democracy above all our differences,” the fundraiser’s final update announced. The page was started by a man named David Weinberger from Brookline, Massachusetts.

The GOP headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina, was firebombed Sunday when a flammable bottle of liquid was thrown through the windows, Hillsborough police said. The liquid ignited the inside of the office and caused a fire to rage before it finally burned itself out. A swastika alongside the words “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” was written on a wall outside. The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was working with local police to determine who was responsible.

“Until an investigation is undertaken, we cannot know who did this or why. No matter the result, this is not how Americans resolve their differences. We talk, we argue, sometimes we march, and most of all, we vote,” the GoFundMe page read. “We do not resort to violence by individuals or mobs.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory issued a statement shortly after the bombing denouncing the attack. “The firebombing of a local political headquarters is clearly an attack on our democracy,” the statement said.

Both presidential candidates took to Twitter to condemn the attack, albeit somewhat differently. “The attack on the Orange County HQ @NCGOP office is horrific and unacceptable. Very grateful that everyone is safe,” Hillary Clinton wrote.

Donald Trump’s first tweet read: “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina just firebombed our office in Orange County because we are winning.”

North Carolina is an important swing state for the presidential race and has been a contentious political battleground as of late after the introduction of a controversial so-called "bathroom bill" that requires people to use the bathroom assigned to the gender on their birth certificate. Critics have called it discriminatory and many businesses have pulled out of the state.