North Korea has signed an agreement to halt its nuclear program in exchange for food aid. However, according to an Israeli official, this diplomatic breakthrough will not be a blueprint for Iran to stop its nuclear activities, the Associated Press reported.

Wednesday's treaty spawned numerous reports suggesting that nuclear peace talks with Iran will now be entirely possible. However, according to the news service, the deputy foreign minister of Israel, Danny Ayalon, said the two cases are entirely dissimilar.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz also quoted an unnamed official, who said: Any attempt to compare the two cases is worrisome. North Korea has already blown up two nuclear facilities and it's not the first time it has claimed that it will stop its nuclear program to get something in return. The last time the North Koreans made such an announcement they actually continued to advance their nuclear plans.

Both North Korea and Iran have raised worldwide tensions over their nuclear schemes. Besides deciding against its uranium enrichment programs, North Korea has also agreed to stop its long-range missile testing and said it will allow inspection of its nuclear facilities. Iran, on the other hand, firmly sticks to its nuclear program which Tehran claims is for peaceful processes. 

As of now, Washington is pressing Israel against launching a military attack on Iran to stop Tehran's nuclear program. According to reports, the Obama Administration is instead hoping to enforce tougher sanctions on Iran.

We should recognize what has been accomplished with the sanctions Congress passed and we are aggressively implementing, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is said to have told the House Appropriations subcommittee, the Haaretz said. Discussion hasn't gone anywhere, but pressure has been ratcheted up.

According to reports, Israel may not warn the U.S. of an impending attack, though Washington has asked Tel Aviv to wait and see if the sanctions proved effective on Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is said to be meeting with U.S. officials on Monday and will most likely hold talks that concern Iran.  

The report also said the Israeli Defense Department has teamed up with American intelligence to launch a media campaign against any possible attack on Iran.

Washington's current stance on Iran has garnered support from other world leaders who believe that an attack will cause serious worldwide implications.

America knows that if there is a war on Iran, this means that the whole region will be set alight, with no limit to the fires, Lebanon's Hezbollah deputy Sheikh Naim Qassem told Reuters.Israel could start a war ... but it does not know the scale of the consequences and it is incapable of controlling them.