Maurice Sendak's death on Tuesday morning affected millions of children who grew up with his stories or parents who read his beloved books to their kids.

Count President Obama, First Lady Michelle and Sasha and Malia as fans of the American illustrator and author.

Just a few weeks ago on Easter weekend, the White House family read Sendak's most famous book, Where the Wild Things Are to a group of children on the White House lawn.

Obama got really into it, too.

Since you guys have read this book before, there are going to be certain parts where they start roaring and growling. I want everyone to be doing their best 'Wild Thing' roar, Obama told a group of children.

If you just want to skip to the President growling, you can watch this edited clip by New York Magazine.

Sendak died at age 83 early Tuesday in Danbury, Connecticut, after suffering a stroke on Friday.