President Obama can sing, and pretty well for that matter. He showed his appreciation for Al Green on Thursday by delivering lines from Let's stay together at a fundraiser in Harlem's Apollo Theater.

The audience of 1,400 supporters, including legendary singer Al Green, went wild when Obama launched into a perfectly pitched rendition of the classic hit. ( Scroll down for videos) in love with you he sung with a sheepish shy smile. Those guys didn't think I would do it. I told you I was going to do it, Obama said. The sandman did not come out. Don't worry, Rev., I cannot sing like you, but I just wanted to show my appreciation.

Al Green and India Arie also performed at the fundraiser, one of three events Obama attended on Thursday. Tickets for the events were priced between $100 -$200 but the president's first fundraiser started at an Upper East Side dinery, with tickets at $500,000. According to Politico, the president raised at least $3.1 million for his reelection campaign through the events.

Some tweeted that the lyrics of Al Green's Let's stay Together, underscored the themed of the president's reelection campaign.

Here are some other unforgettable solo performances by Presidents:

Vladimir Putin sings Blueberry Hill: In a truly unforgettable performance, the 58-year-old Russian leader took to the stage of a charity and sung Blueberry Hill from start to finish, stunning his audience, which included Sharon Stone and Kevin Costner.

Hugo Chavez sings song about Hilary Clinton: The Venezuelan President launched into song amid a political speech, singing out his relationship with Hilary Clinton. I'm not loved by Hilary Clinton...and I don't love her either, he sung.

Bill Clinton Plays the Saxophone: Bill Clinton has been caught on camera singing before, but nothing beats his sassy saxophone solo, where he puts on his shades and belts out some tunes, running his audience go wild.

Berlusconi Sings Café Du Palais: The former Italian President sang a French song in a café, receiving great praise from the audience. In November last year, he released an album of love songs, in what was his fourth album of ballads.

Obama Sings with Father Christmas: Obama stole the lime light again during the National Christmas Trees festivities in Washington DC lasy year, when he sang Winter Wonderland alongside Father Christmas.

Obama's Al Green performance went viral, here's how people reacted on Twitter:

Piers Morgan: This is AMAZING - and the single most brilliant thing I've ever seen any politician do: #ObamasGotSoul

Anthony De Rosa: Guy actually has some pipes RT @BarackObama: In case you missed it: President Obama sang a little Al Green last night.OFA.BO/XsgQyv

Emily Bell: If I had a vote, I would be tempted vote for Obama on this - should challenge MittNewt to a sing-off

Sharon Carpenter: Who knew Pres. Obama could hold a note?? He sang a few bars of an Al Green song at the Apollo earlier. Not bad at all!

Keith Olbermann: I cringed when I heard about this...but, hey: great 8 seconds!@thinkprogress President Obama sings Al Green