Who knew President Obama could sing? During a fundraiser at Harlem's Apollo Theater on Thursday night, Obama took to the stage and sang a few bars of Al Green's R&B classic Let's Stay Together.

Obama got in front of the audience of 1,400 at the legendary theater and belted out Let's Stay Together as a new sort of campaign slogan. Obama sang shortly after Al Green himself warmed up the crowd.

The audience screamed in delight and Obama's singing moment made for great television. It quickly went viral on the Internet as people began Googling furiously to see the President flex his vocal chords.

Obama was pleased with his performance. Don't worry, Rev, he said to Green, I cannot sing like you.

TMZ caught up with Reverend Green on Friday and the R&B icon had nothing but praise for the president's rendition of Let's Stay Together. When asked how he thought Obama did, Green replied, terrific and he nailed it.

Green said, I was thrilled that the President even mentioned my name, and if the President can get the economy going again and get everything going that he wants to, then we'll all be together.

Obama's move was more than suave, it was symbolic. Just over ten years ago, the Apollo was in dire straits. In 1998, The Daily News led an effort to rescue landmark.

The Apollo Foundation board is now led by businessman Dick Parsons. It has assets of $50 million, with $6 million in yearly gifts and $4 million in earned income. Now, the once-empty theater is bustling 150 nights a year. It garners 200,000 annual visitors and its student programs attract more than 3,000 local students.

What do you think of Obama's performance?