U.S. President Barack Obama will declare a war on Iran in order to bolster his re-election chances, claimed real estate tycoon and eternal presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Speaking on Jay Severin’s radio talk show in Boston, The Donald said: “I’m a man that said that Obama will have a war with Iran because I think it’s politically a positive for him.”

Trump added: “I think that [Obama] will have a war. I think he’ll probably tie it around the election… And I think he’ll be hard to beat. That’s actually going to be something that will be much harder for Mitt [Romney] or anybody else for that matter to beat if he does that. I think he’s going to do it. I think he would do it in order to get elected.”

The TV reality show star pointed out that launching a war on Iraq temporarily boosted the popularity of Obama’s predecessor in the White House, George W. Bush.

“Bush was so popular after the attack [on Iraq],” Trump noted. “I mean, he had like a 95 percent approval rating. Nobody ever saw anything like it. And by the way, shortly thereafter he went down the tubes. But I happen to think [Obama] will have a war.”

Trump further clarified in a roundabout manner: “I may be in a minority on this. I think it’s hard to debate [Obama]. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to be popular shortly thereafter. But for a short period of time, it’s very, very hard to win.”

As Obama and other western leaders are urging Israel to refrain from launching military strikes on Iran to destroy its nuclear ambitions, Trump added that he favors diplomacy and sanctions against Tehran.

Trump withdrew as a Republican presidential candidate earlier this year.