Protestors from the Occupy Denver movement had another opponent on Wednesday: an early season snowstorm that has left some with hypothermia.

As recently as Monday, Denver's weather was balmy, with the temperature up at 80 degrees. But it was 30 degrees by early Wednesday and expected to decline, before rebounding to the high 50s in the weekend. The storm will drop an estimated 12 to 14 inches of snow throughout the region, closing down schools and highways, with some power outages reported.

Denver and Colorado Police have raided the site at Civic Center Park, taking down tents to prevent a shantytown, in the words of one officer, from forming. Officers recommended that protestors return home or seek out local shelters if the weather became unbearable.

About 30 protestors are camped out, creating makeshift soup and food lines.

On Tuesday, the movement released a YouTube video, writing that people will die in the cold in order to demonstrate their dissatisfation with income disparity and Wall Street.

There needs to be shared sacrifice with people coming out. And we'll feed you and we'll tell you d--k jokes, it'll be funny, said a male protestor. But we need you to come out, and you need to sacrifice your night of sleeping in your warm bed and sleep with the people. We need you down here to help support your fellow brothers and sisters and fellow man.

The video also showed a verbal confrontation between police and protestors.

Video below:


It's not the first time to broader Occupy Wall Street movement has dealt with nature. On Friday, protestors of Occupy Oakland cheered through an earthquake.