Football star Chad Ochocinco traded friendly tweets with House Speaker John Boehner this week.

Like many Americans across the country, the Superbowl-bound Patriots wide-receiver tuned in to the State of the Union Tuesday night. One particular politician on the screen attracted his attention, but it wasn't President Barack Obama.

Who was the grumpy-looking man sitting behind the president, to his left? Once Ochocinco learned it was Republican House Speaker Boehner, the social-media-savvy athlete decided to cheer him up on Twitter and ask him if he's OK.

Anybody notice the guy over Obamas [SIC] left shoulder doesn't seem very happy and he's not smiling. He's not clapping with joy, tweeted Ochocinco.

After a few inquiring tweets, the Ohio Republican finally responded. The entire conversation is quite an entertaining read--it can be read in the Storify below.