"The Office" looks like it will definitely be getting a spin-off. With NBC announcing that the long running comedy will end with the upcoming ninth season, more casting news for Dwight's "The Farm" has hit the web.

The latest casting news for "Office" spin-off "The Farm," is that Dwight (Rainn Wilson) will be getting a brother. Entertainment Weekly reports that former College Humor actor and "Campaign" star Thomas Middleditch will be joining the cast as Jeb Schrute, Dwight's brother.

According to EW, Heb is a pot farmer "who's failed at a bunch of wacky business ventures." What kind of wacky business ventures are they talking about, you may ask? Two words: Bigfoot Hunter. Besides being a "happy-go-lucky" guy, Jeb is not really capable or able to follow through on anything, which will make his interactions with Dwight pretty hilarious.

The Hollywood Reporter explains that while Jeb may have failed at Bigfoot hunting (and worm farming), he is now running a successful pot farm in Northern California. Another impressive addition to Jeb's resume is that he also has his own exercise video. Forget about P90X or the "Insanity" workout, Jeb's exercise video I of things you can do with a knife and a canoe.

Rainn Wilson took to Twitter to share his excitement over getting an on-screen brother.

"Follow Dwights younger brother Jeb on twitter! @Middleditch (he's Canadian)," Wilson tweeted Wednesday.

While "The Farm" has not been ordered to series yet, Middleditch would be joining the cast as a series regular alongside Majandra Delfino and Blake Garrett. As we previously reported, Delfino will be tackling the role of Fannie Schrute, Dwight's younger sister. Fannie and her son Cameron, played by Blake Garrett, had fled the Schrute family farm for a life in Boston. The two returned to the farm after Fannie got a divorce.

"The Farm" will follow Dwight as a beet farmer and bed and breakfast owner. An episode focusing on Dwight's roles outside of Dunder Mifflin will potentially air during season nine, with his family making an appearance.