Actress Olivia Wilde arrives for the world premiere of Universal Pictures motion picture "Cowboys & Aliens" in conjunction with Comic Con in San Diego, California July 23, 2011. (REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Olivia Wilde described her "basically naked" scene in the upcoming "Cowboys & Aliens" movie, directed by Jon Favreau, as "strange." The "House" actress stars in the sci-fi western film as Ella Swenson alongside Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

"It was kind of strange because I was half-naked in front of about a hundred people, including the crew, a bunch of Apache warriors, a bunch of cowboys, and Daniel Craig, who I had to stand in front of basically naked," Wilde explained to MTV News. "He had to take a moment to sort of look me up and down before covering me in a blanket. And I was like, this is crazy."

Despite feeling a bit out of the ordinary doing the scene, Olivia explained it was "really exciting" and a "spectacular" part of the movie.

She added: "It was really exciting because we knew we were creating something kind of spectacular in that scene. It was a really cool effect happening, as people will see."

Olivia Wilde chats with MTV about the nude scene:

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