While the London 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony has yet to air, all the athletic competitions were completed Sunday by about 1 p.m. EDT, allowing for a final medal count. Read on to see which countries came out ahead this year.

In the overall medal count, the U.S. finished first, with 104 medals: 46 gold, 29 silver, and 29 bronze. China placed second, with 87 medals: 38 gold, 27 silver, and 22 bronze. And Russia took third, with 82 medals: 24 gold, 25 silver, and 33 bronze.

In the gold medal count, however, host country Great Britain bested Russia by a 29-to-24 margin. Great Britain also won 17 silver and 19 bronze medals, for a total of 65.

All told, 962 medals were awarded to 79 of the 204 countries competing at the Olympics this year. Among the nations that did not make it to the medal stand were Mali and Togo, which each sent only six athletes to the games.

NBC's 2012 Medal Standings list encompasses all the medal winners at the Olympics.

In addition to the closing ceremony, Sunday also saw several gold-medal events, which gave several countries the chance to boost their medal counts before the end of the games.

One of the most widely hyped events Sunday was the gold-medal men's basketball game. The U.S. beat Spain, 107-100, in a bit of thriller (by Olympics standards), so the former won the gold and the latter won the silver. Meanwhile, Russia beat Argentina, 81-77, to win the bronze-medal game.

The U.S. team -- consisting of superstar NBA players such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant -- had been widely expected to take the gold, as it has drawn comparisons to the so-called Dream Team of Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games that included the likes of Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and, of course, Michael Jordan.