After a nine-year run, One Tree Hill is drawing to an end with its highly anticipated two-hour season finale airing on Wednesday night.

Following nine seasons of gripping and emotional drama, the show's creator Mark Schwahn, promises a fulfilling and somewhat toned-down finale episode.

There are some nice Easter eggs in the finale. I designed it that way for people who really care about the show, and I took great pains to assure it was a fulfilling hour for them, Schwahn told

The finale will balance big storylines and surprises with some toned down nostalgic scenes that will touch long-time fans of the show. There are a couple moments where there's not even dialogue; it's just these quiet sequences and they are so nice. It's a nice time to be reflective, Schwahn adds.

In a sneak peak clip released by CW, Nathan has one of these reflective moments with Jamie while shooting hoops on the River Court. Jamie explains that he needs to practice because people expect him to be good at sports like his father.

As they walk to the car, a reference is made to jamie and kidnapping--a familiar reference for long-time One Tree Hill fans who witnessed Jamie getting kidnapped on numerous occasions throughout the show's past.

Dan Will Not be killed in Finale

Now that all the character's lives have fallen into place, Schwahn was asked by if that good feeling would be carried through in the finale. Schwahn explains that Dan's death was a consideration, which was later abandoned.

 We had talked about it, and while I think Dan is so relevant and it's odd to have a few episodes without him, life does go on. That's such a big, significant event that I didn't want to leave the series after nine years with an incident of grief like that, he said.

Once you see the structure of the hour, you'll understand that it's a very different kind of episode. It's such a gift to have nine years of storytelling to draw on, and it's nice to see the trajectory of a character - especially for a show that was just about character, he added.

The One Tree Hill Finale will air on CW on Wednesday at 8/7c

Twitter Trend

We love One Tree Hill has become a trending topic on Twitter with fans abuzz about the show's final episode.

We Love One Tree Hill, because in 9 years it's made us happy, it's made us cry, it's made us inspired. Thank you Mark, tweeted One Tree Hill Fans.

Series Finale of One Tree Hill airs tonight. I can't believe it. What an amazing journey, tweeted Lisa Goldstein, another fan. Good night One Tree Hill