Oprah Winfrey has reiterated her support for President Barack Obama, while touring through India.

Appearing before a crowd at the Jaipur Literary Festival in the northern part of the country, the US talk show queen said that she is confident that Obama will be re-elected and that the president’s second term will be highly successful.

“I believe in [Obama]... I love him, I appreciate him,” Winfrey told a TV reporter in the crowd.

“Of course you make mistakes. You are walking into the White House. You have the whole world watching you. And he is a man. And I mean that in the best way, he is a man, meaning a world leader, he's not a God. And so as a man you make mistakes in the world sometimes.”

Winfrey added: “I think the world forgot that we were on the brink of a depression in our country and nobody knew whether we were going to have bread lines, maybe that's an exaggeration. But he was able to stop that from happening... I think that it’s a difficult job and I think that his next four years are going to be even more successful for our country and that people are going to get back to work. It’s going to be a really good thing that he remains in office. I feel very strongly that he will remain in office. I am not being overly confident about it but when you look at the other party, I'm just saying.”

Winfrey famous endorsed Obama during the 2008 campaign, a move that was considered controversial at the time since it was the first time she ever expressed such support for a national ticket,. It was also claimed that such a measure she might alienate Republican members of her large television audience.