With Season 2 of “The Originals” winding down (can you believe there are only four episodes left?), viewers of the hit CW series have been left to wonder if the original Rebekah, portrayed by Claire Holt, will be returning to the supernatural drama. And lucky for fans, it looks like the blond actress may appear sooner than we thought!

Holt, who stars in the upcoming NBC show “Aquarius,” dished to E! News that it’s quite possible she may be slipping back into her fangs before we know it.

“Yes!” she confirmed her future return to the show. “They’ve been really great with ‘Aquarius,’ in sharing, so I hope I can continue to do both in some capacity.”

Currently the role of Rebekah is being played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers. Rebekah’s pesky brother Kol (Daniel Sharman) forced the soul of Holt’s character into the body of a wicked witch named Eva Sinclair, who was responsible for the disappearance of dozens of children throughout New Orleans. However, in episode 17, the spirit of the evil enchantress was killed, allowing Rebekah to freely live in the vessel.

In Monday night’s installment of “The Originals,” Richardson-Sellers’ character revealed she had no interest in leaving her current, fleshy inhabitance, believing it would result in the death of Davina (Danielle Campbell) and all the other youthful witches who were still connected to Eva through the deep and powerful spell. This had fans questioning if Rebekah would ever return to her original form.

"Definitely, when I can, I am going to venture back to that world,” the multitasking actress confirmed to E! News.

But Holt’s in no rush to sink her teeth back into the storyline of “The Originals” -- especially because her character is in the hands of such a talented actress. "She's doing a great job. Maybe a little too good," Holt jokingly said of her character being taken on by Richardson-Sellers. "I was hoping she wouldn't be so good."

Richardson-Sellers revealed to TVLine in March that Holt has been nothing but supportive of her representation of Rebekah. In fact, Holt relayed that message to the actress personally she when paid the CW set a surprise visit.

“I met her a couple weekends ago, by accident, actually,” Richardson-Sellers explained. “I was out with some of the writers in L.A. and she stopped by. We had a great chat about it all. She’s very warm, very [welcoming] and very encouraging about the work I’ve been doing, which is great. She’s a sweetheart, and an amazing actress, so it’s a privilege for me to take on after her.”

Are you excited for Claire Holt to return to “The Originals” as Rebekah? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in to episode 18 of the CW series, “Night Has a Thousand Eyes,” when it airs Monday, April 13, at 8 p.m. EDT.