originals season 2 spoilers
Klaus (Joseph Morgan) brought the heat to episode 15 of "The Originals." CW

The stakes were high during episode 15 of “The Originals” after it was revealed little Hope’s life was in danger once again. During tonight’s Season 2 installment of the CW series, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) learned the terrifying news that Finn’s (Yusuf Gatewood) body was missing from the morgue, which meant their daughter was at risk.

So, Hope’s parents gathered the troops, which consisted of Jack’s (Nathan Parsons) pack of wolves, to go forth and sniff out their treacherous brother before he reached their daughter.

But little did the wolves know that Finn had been brought back to life by his witchy sister Freya (Riley Voelkel). Not only did the eldest Mikaelson daughter revive Finn from his fiery demise but she also resurrected her deal old dad. Freya explained to Finn that she wanted to reunite with her beloved father (Sebastian Roche) but when asked if she desired quality time with her mother, Freya scoffed at the absurd idea of being unified with the woman who gave her away.

“Let her rot,” Freya said, sounding like a true Mikaelson.

Speaking of Esther’s bold daughters, Rebekah (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) showed off her strength in episode 15 after she bravely confronted the men who had chased her down at the market. After being cornered, the unfriendly guys revealed they were going to do some major damage to Rebekah -- that is until Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) showed up to rescue his beloved.

After whisking Rebekah away to a safe area, Marcel called upon a friend to help figure out who’s body his old pal was inhabiting. It was quickly unveiled that the woman Rebekah's soul was living in was quite dark. Her name was Eva Sinclair and she was a “murderous psychopath” who slaughtered children with mystical powers to absorb their strengths.

In a fit of rage, Marcel’s friend cast a spell upon Rebekah, not knowing that she wasn’t the killer he thought she was. However, thanks to Esther’s constant mumbling of spells, Rebekah knew how to cure herself and Marcel.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Gia (Nishi Munshi) took a different approach to uncovering who the mystery vessel was by visiting a wise old timer (who you may recognize from “Pretty Little Liars”). At first Josephine (Meg Foster) didn’t give the vamps the time of day until the down-to-Earth Gia started playing her favorite Jazz tune on the violin.

After their successful trip to Josephine’s house, who promised to help if she was given Finn as collateral, Gia and Elijah noticed that they had some seriously hot chemistry, which they later succumbed to by the end of episode 15.

But there was one issue with Elijah’s plan: Klaus was just moments away from slaughtering their brother, who was promised to Josephine -- alive. Thankfully Elijah arrived to the gruesome scene in the nick of time before Finn met another brutal death. Shortly after Elijah’s arrival, Freya made an appearance, introducing herself to her brothers for the first time in over a thousand years.

Klaus wasn’t too keen on welcoming his older sister back into the family but Elijah was willing to accept her identity.

“When I speak with you it is the truth,” she promised her brothers who were skeptic about her loyalty -- especially after she divulged that she had brought Mikael back from the dead. She then explained that their evil aunt Dahlia was on her way to hunt down Hope.

“Once she senses Hope’s magic, she will come,” Freya said, adding that Dahlia will kill anyone who stands in her way. That’s when she suggested that they kill her first. But will the siblings come together to put an end to the curse placed upon them by their aunt?

The episode “They All Asked For You” concluded with Eva taking control of her body and killing teens for the sake of gaining their powers. Looks like Rebekah may want to find a way back to her original body -- and fast!

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