“Outlander” fans have been waiting for a new couple to arrive. Of course, everyone loves the saga of Jamie and Claire, but it’s Brianna and Roger that everyone is really excited to see. After nine episodes of Season 2, they still haven’t arrived, but Starz revealed that viewers only have to wait a little longer.

Roger and Bree will make an appearance in the July 9 finale, Starz announced in a press release. As previously reported, Richard Rankin will play the adult version of Roger, a boy Reverend Wakefield raised like a son (whom viewers again saw as a young boy in the premiere). Sophie Skelton will play Brianna, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) daughter. She is the child that Claire was pregnant with in the Season 2 premiere, when Frank (Tobias Menzies) offered to raise the baby as his own as long as Claire pretended he was the real father.

Expect plenty of time with Roger and Bree. The finale, titled “Dragonfly in Amber,” has been extended to 90 minutes.

The finale, much like the premiere, will show the future and the past. However, it’s going even further in time. The “Outlander” Season 2 finale will show Claire in 1968. She’ll take Brianna to Scotland where they will meet Roger. “Claire visits Lallybroch and Culloden Moor to make peace with the past, while Brianna and Roger bond over researching Randall family history,” the synopsis teases. Revisiting the past will convince Claire to tell her daughter the truth about her life.

Jamie won’t be with Claire in 1968, but he’ll still be in plenty of scenes. The portion of the finale that takes place in the 18th century will chronicle the Battle of Culloden. “[Jamie] and Claire come up with a dangerous plan, which Dougal [Graham McTavish] overhears, inciting him to a murderous rage,” the synopsis reveals. “Jamie must do everything he can to save the ones he loves, even if it means saying goodbye to some — or all — of them.”

Though it’s a super-sized episode, there will still be fans who want more. Luckily, Starz renewed “Outlander” for Seasons 3 and 4. Even better news: producer Matt Roberts recently claimed that Season 3 might premiere even earlier in the year than Season 2 did. An official release date has not been announced yet.

“Outlander” Season 2 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.