“Paragon” developers Cameron Winston and Steve Superville took to the official PlayStation blog to talk about the improvements they have done to the free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game ahead of its official release later this year.

In their blog post, Winston and Superville stated that they are committed to enhancing their MOBA game every week. They also shared the updates they have made since launching its Early Access in March. Highlighted in the post is the inclusion of new Heroes like Sevarog, Riktor, Greystone, Iggy & Scorch, Khaimera, GRIM.exe and The Fey, and the promise to release more Heroes every three weeks.

The developers also mentioned the institution of Draft Mode, the addition of new skins — like the Ruby Scarab Grux, Fireball Iggy & Scorch and Inquisitor Gideon — and 43 new cards — including Mender’s Phial, Purity Censer, Wicked Stigma, Hunter’s Drink, Oasis Key and Bud of the Changeling — and the integration of Twitch API rewards into the game. Furthermore, “Paragon” also received UI updates and an updated menu music this time around.

On Epic Games’ website, Winston and Superville expressed their gratitude to the Early Access players who have been with them and have provided input in shaping the video game by stating, “Thank you so much for your continued help in shaping the game… Thanks for believing and helping us shape our vision.”

Today, “Paragon” is entering its free open beta phase on PC, according to PC Gamer. It will also be accessible via PS4. With the launch of the free open beta, Winston and Superville are once again hopeful that players will take time to experience the “first MOBA that truly uses 3D space” and provide them with feedback to improve the game overall. For those who are interested, they can access “Paragon” open beta here.