James Rainford, a known stalker of Paris Hilton, is being held in a Los Angeles area jail after behind apprehended outside of Hilton's Malibu home on Monday.

Rainford, 36, is accused of violating a January court order to stay 200 yards away from any property of the heiress. The restraining order came after Rainford made it past property guards on his bike and pounded on Hilton's door. He pleaded no contest in January, and was given three years probation.

Rainford is being held in leiu of $20,000 bail after being taken into custody on a tip from a passerby on a Malibu beach near Hilton's home. He was hanging around on the beach while Paris was inside, a witness told The Daily Mail. Someone recognized him as being the man who had given her trouble in the past and the cops arrived pretty quickly.

Deputies identified the suspect as James Rainford and determined a valid restraining order prohibiting him from being within 200 yards of Miss Hilton or her residence was in effect, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department said in a statement.

Rainford was sentenced to jail in April after pleading no contest to assaulting Cy Waits, Hilton's former boyfriend, outside a Los Angeles courtroom. He served 24 days of a 227 sentence.

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