Paris Jackson's new boyfriend Michael Snoddy was caught using the N-word in a Twitter post just days after getting involved in a racial controversy, according to media reports. Snoddy, who began dating Michael Jackson's daughter just a few weeks ago, was accused of being racist after he got the Confederate flag tattooed on his wrist.

A source told Radar Online that Snoddy frequents Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, like Paris Jackson did, but recently, the 26-year-old posted about the benefits of marijuana use. He was also reportedly accused of frequently posting about sex and his linkups with several women before he dated Paris Jackson.

Earlier in April, Snoddy denied racism charges when he responded to accusations from TMZ.

"I've been wanting this tattoo since middle school," Snoddy reportedly said while addressing the controversy over the Confederate flag tattoo, which has been linked to racism in southern U.S. "I wouldn't be dating a black girl if I were a racist," he added, referring to Paris' father, Michael Jackson.

Since Paris and Snoddy started dating, the two have been posting sweet pictures on social media.

Before Snoddy, Paris Jackson was dating Chester Castellaw, whom she split from after a year-long romance. According to Radar Online, Paris Jackson’s family members were concerned about the 18-year-old after she photographed smoking a cigarette.

“There are fears that Paris is in a dangerous downward spiral,” an insider reportedly said, adding: “Her family described her as 'inconsolable' after her breakup with Chester, and now she has completely shut everyone out.”