What started off as a practice run for expecting parents Rabita Sarker and Aditya Saurabh, quickly turned into the real thing when Sarker gave birth to her son on a New Jersey PATH train.

Sarker, who believed she was experiencing false labor contractions, and her husband were on their way to St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan to make sure everything was okay.

On the train, Sarker realized the pains were coming more quickly and asked her husband to check it out. Saurabh looked to discover that the top of his son's head was already coming out and that they would have to deliver the baby on the train.

By the time the train pulled into the 33rd street station, the proud parents had a new addition to the family.

He decided to come and that was it. Nothing could stop him. Nothing could keep him inside for longer, Sarker told The New York Daily News.