Sony President and Group CEO Andrew House revealed that 4.2 million PlayStation 4s have been sold worldwide as of Dec. 28, 2013. House made the announcement at the 2014 International CES this morning. The Japanese electronics brand added that the PS4 was their most successful console launch of all time.

"The momentum of the PS4 system keeps getting stronger and we couldn't be more thrilled gamers worldwide are enjoying the incredibly immersive gaming experiences along with deep social capabilities and entertainment provided by our network," House stated. "After a remarkable launch, we look forward to bringing even more exciting content and continuing to explore the power of the PS4 system by adding new features and services, including PlayStation Now, in 2014." Sony also created a post on its PlayStation Blog explaining PlayStation Now, a new service which will allow US users to stream popular and classic PS4 and PS3 games. PlayStation Now is scheduled for release this summer and will allow gamers to play titles instantly across multiple devices, stream entire games to the PS4, PS3 and Vita, and allow instant access to the most updated versions of games. Sony promises to bring many exciting titles to the PlayStation 4 in 2014, including “Infamous: Second Son,” “Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes,” “Destiny,” “Alien: Isolation,” “The Order 1886,” “Final Fantasy XV,” and “Dying Light.”

The PlayStation 4, which launched in North America on Nov. 15, reportedly sold 1 million units within the first 24 hours of its launch, which led to 2.1 million consoles sold internationally as of early December. One week later, the PS4’s next-gen competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One, launched in 13 countries on Nov. 22. Microsoft Chief Marketing and Strategy Office Yusuf Mehdi also made an announcement regarding the details of Xbox One sales, saying the console sold 3 million units by the end of December 2013.

Both Sony and Microsoft struggled to meet holiday demand during December, leaving many online stores and major retailers in short supply of the next-gen consoles. However, stock was replenished by the start of 2014.

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