The best selling console might sell out even more, as there are hints that the PlayStation 4 might go through a price drop. The console currently costs $399, but if Target retail is right, the console will be dropping its price by $50 in the near future.

While Sony hasn’t made any official statements regarding this, it should be noted that the Japanese PS4 would be getting a price deduction. The announcement was made last month during the Tokyo Game Show, IGN reported. It wouldn’t be too farfetched to see the American version of the console do the same thing.

It seems like a good move to make and is one that Xbox One head Phil Spencer recently made, according to VG24/7. The Xbox One also went through a price cut, which yielded positive results in the sales department, so it would make sense for Sony to do the same.

As previously mentioned, most of the PS4 bundles cost $399, but they do come with a little something extra. Most of the bundles already have games like the award winning “The Last of Us,” but they also come with a $50 gift card for new users to buy online items with. The only bundle that doesn’t have this is the recently announced “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection” bundle.

It is a bit odd that Sony hasn’t made any possible announcements about a new discount for the popular console, though it's possible that the company is waiting for a big platform to share the news in. With shows like the Tokyo Game Show, Gamescom and the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) done, there are few shows to make the announcement feel noteworthy, like the upcoming Paris Game Show.

Still, the final word has to come from Sony and so far nothing official has been made, aside for the price cut in Japan. Whether the company waits till the end of the year or sometime next year for an official announcement is up to the company. Either way, the console still has plenty of good games and notable features that will make anyone want it.

Xbox Boss Expects PS4 Price Drop in US - IGN News (Credit: YouTube/IGN News)