Less than a year into his tenure, Pope Francis has earned a reputation as the cool pontiff, an image he might have cemented this Sunday when he dropped the Italian equivalent of the F-bomb from the pulpit, albeit accidentally.

Speaking at his weekly address from St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Pope Francis stumbled over the Italian word for example -- “caso” -- and instead let slip “cazzo,” roughly equivalent to the F-bomb in English. Literally, “cazzo” is translated to a vulgar term for “penis,” but the word is frequently used as an interjection in roughly the same manner as the F-word in English profanity.

Making things worse, Pope Francis’ accidental profanity came while delivering a serious wish for the international community to peacefully resolve the crisis in Ukraine. Fortunately, Pope Francis, not a native speaker of Italian, quickly corrected himself and moved on with his speech.

"I make a heartfelt appeal to the international community to support every initiative on behalf of dialogue and harmony," he said, according to the Independent’s translation. “A heart full of longing for possession is a heart empty of God. For this, Jesus many times chastised the rich because the risk for them to seek security in the wealth of this world is high."

"In this f*ck... in this case the providence of God is made visible as gesture of solidarity."

Less fortunately for the pope, however, his gaffe quickly went viral on YouTube and has amassed tens of thousands of views since Sunday.

Watch Pope Francis’ slip-up below.