Wednesday’s numbers drawing for the $166 million Powerball jackpot failed to produce a winner, pushing the game’s current prize to $196 million.

The July 24 Powerball drawing, held Wednesday night at approximately 10:59 p.m. EDT, produced the following winning numbers: 09, 29, 40, 44, 54, with a red Powerball number of 07. A Thursday morning message on the official interstate Powerball website revealed that there were no jackpot winners for the $166 million drawing.

The next Powerball numbers drawing will be held on Saturday. The new jackpot currently stands at $196 million, with a $114.6 million cash value, according to the official Powerball website.

Four states produced a winner of Powerball’s “Match 5” section, correctly selecting the five white Powerball numbers. These winners, each of whom earned a $1 million prize, were located in Idaho, Missouri, New Jersey, and Tennessee. In addition, a resident of Pennsylvania won $2 million by matching the five white Powerball numbers as part of the game’s “Power Play” feature.

The next grand prize Powerball drawing will be held on Saturday at 10:59 p.m. EDT. Participants can learn how to play Powerball, as well as the game’s official rules, by visiting the interstate lottery’s official website. In addition, prospective players can find a list of television stations that will broadcast Saturday night’s drawing here.