Does President Barack Obama have a singing career in his future?

At Thursday's fundraiser in Harlem, the President showcased his singing skills in front of a crowd that included Rev. Al Green.

Obama's choice of song during the fundraiser, held at the legendary Apollo Theater, was Green's 1971 hit Let's Stay Together.

I'm . . . so in love with you, he crooned to the crowd of 1,400.

Those guys didn't think I would do it . . . I told you I was gonna do it, I told you I was gonna do it, said the President.

The sandman did not come out. Don't worry, Rev., I cannot sing like you, but I just wanted to show my appreciation, he added.

The fundraiser was capped off with performances from Green himself, as well as Grammy Award-winning singer India Arie.

Obama's appearance at the Apollo was just one of four fundraising events Thursday night. The 50-year-old also made stops at Upper East Side restaurant, Daniel (where two separate events were held) and director Spike Lee's home, where tickets were $35,800 a pop, according to WNYC.

On Friday morning, Twitter feeds were flooded with Let's Stay Together, Al Green and Obama singing as trending topics.

did you guys see prez O singing al green's 'let's stay together?' can this president get any cooler???? #4moreyears, wrote one user.

Dear Obama campaign, I think it's time to make Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' the official song that plays after every POTUS speech, wrote another.

Scroll down to watch President Barack Obama sing Let's Stay Together at the Apollo.