Weather conditions in Pennsylvania have led to a postponement of President Barack Obama's scheduled visit to the Penn State University, where he was to deliver talks on energy efficiency and the important work being done at the Energy Innovation Hub at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Forecasts of sleet, snow and freezing rain prompted the President to postpone his visit to Thursday, February 3 instead of Wednesday, as scheduled earlier.

As part of the administration's strategy to drive new investments in energy research and development, the Department of Energy has launched Energy Innovation Hubs across the nation. Penn State is to lead the entire Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster for energy-efficient buildings that will be located at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia.This is what the President would be highlighting during the visit.

Obama will also tour labs focused on energy-efficient building solutions and deliver remarks on the importance of investing in innovation and clean energy to put people back to work, grow the economy and win the future, according to a release from the University Park campus.

Meanwhile the University has already issued a limited but significant number of tickets for the President's address on Thursday. All attendees have been advised to report at the Rec Hall  - the venue of the address - at 9 a.m. in line with security protocol. Strict instructions have been circulated regarding the items that can be brought to the venue.

The University has warned that the Presidential visit may lead to some disruptions for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic on Thursday. Some traffic may be rerouted, and some buildings may be closed.

However, the second phase of the winter storm to lash the state has also prompted authorities to issue a general warning for all from the campus for the next few days. The safety of the individual is paramount and we repeatedly advise students, faculty and staff to put their own safety first, said Albert G. Horvath, senior vice president for finance and business. People should use their own best judgment when considering traveling to campus or the need to leave early during times of inclement weather.

The current spell of severe winter weather will also affect other events in the state such as the traditional Groundhog Day festivities on Wednesday.