There is no denying that the “Pretty Little Liars” spring finale was INTENSE. Fans were left with their jaws agape as they learned about what really happened the night Alison disappeared, and watched as potentially two major deaths occurred. The Season 4 finale was fraught with drama … which means that fans may have missed some suspicious things throughout episode 24.

Noel’s Secret

At the beginning of the episode, the girls are at the location that Alison gave them. But they don’t encounter their missing friend. Instead they come face-to-face with their former classmate, Noel Kahn. Initially suspecting Noel to be part of a trap, the girls question why Alison would trust him. And the only thing that Alison will say on the subject is that “he has secrets too.”

What’s this mysterious secret that he has? Alison doesn’t explain, but “Pretty Little Liars” showrunner Marlene King told the Huffington Post that his secret “will play out in season 5.”

“My Friend”

Thanks to “A’s” tip to the police at the end of episode 23, CeCe ended up in police custody. On the hook for murdering Detective Wilden, CeCe decides to try to make a deal with Officer Holbrook. But what does she know? CeCe claims to know “who killed that girl, the one you thought was Alison DiLaurentis.”

Holbrook bites, and CeCe reveals that the same person who killed the girl in Alison’s grave is “the same person who is still trying to hurt my friend – Alison.”

Does CeCe’s use of “my friend” mean that she’s on Alison’s team and trying to help her? Or is it a set up to deflect some of the suspicion away from her?

The Video Camera

Pretty Little Liars LEFT: CeCe on camera at the police station in episode 24 of "Pretty Little Liars." RIGHT: Alison on Ian's camera in a flashback in episode 24 of "Pretty Little Liars." Photo: Pretty Little Liars screenshot

When CeCe was taken into custody, the holding room she was in had a video camera set up in the corner of the room. Shortly afterward, a flashback showed Alison turning off the video camera in the Hilton Head hotel room she was staying in with Ian.

Is the use of both recorders simply a coincidence? Or could it perhaps be a hint that Holbrook is involved with Ian and the NAT group?

Ian’s Computer

Before Alison fled Ian’s hotel room, she stole some video files off of his computer. Alison revealed to the Liars that one of the videos on the computer was of Jenna and Toby’s secret relationship. But what about the other videos that she stole?

Here are some of the obvious labels: “Melissa,” “Alison,” “JENNA & TOBY,” and “Garrett.”

The other labels are not as obvious, but we have our theories:

“MV12F” – “MV” could potentially stand for “Mona Vanderwaal.”

“EFbdrm” – “EF” could stand for “Ezra Fit” or “Emily Fields,” and the rest could be hinting about something that happened in a bedroom.

“Blowup MV” – This may be a second video featuring Mona Vanderwaal.

“HM11C” – “HM” could be the label for a video featuring “Hanna Marin.”

“TC08” – “TC” may feature Toby Cavanaugh.

“AM17UC” – The “AM” may stand for “Aria Montgomery.” What “UC” could be referring to is unclear.

“AM13X!” – Aria may be featured in more than one video.

“SH04UC” – “SH” could stand for “Spencer Hastings.” Like the “AM17UC” video it’s unclear what the “UC” stands for.

Ian’s computer also featured a couple of videos referring to his secret group with Jason and Garrett – “NAT.” The files “nat final 65,” “NAT10 Comp Final,” “nat final 82,” and “NATcut90” were all copied by Alison.

Mrs. DiLaurentis’ Strange Phone Call

There is no denying that Mrs. DiLaurentis has been exhibiting some bizarre behavior in the last few episodes, and as we learned in episode 24, she was responsible for burying Alison. “Pretty Little Liars” fans are unsure of who she was covering for, but some clues may be hidden in her strange phone call that occurred the night Alison went missing.

“How could this happen?” Mrs. DiLaurentis asked the person on the other end of the call. “I don’t understand.”

Alison’s mom then paused her conversation to tell her daughter that she wants her staying in. But in usual fashion, Alison tried to fight her mom on it. “Ali, now is not the time,” her mother warned before telling the person on the phone that “you need to send somebody immediately.”

Mrs. DiLaurentis then tried to give her Alison one last piece of advice about the Hastings. “I know things about that family that you don’t,” she explained. “I’ve seen what they’re capable of and you have to remember, you can never turn your back on a Hastings.”

The Clothing

Pretty Little Liars LEFT: Hanna's mom discovering the new shirt in episode 23 of "Pretty Little Liars." RIGHT: CeCe in episode 24 of "Pretty Little Liars" wearing the same shirt Hanna's mom found. Photo: ABC Family/ Pretty Little Liars Screenshot

As we previously reported, the clothing in episode 24 may have revealed an interesting connection between characters. Fans will remember that Hanna’s mom discovered brand new clothes in a shopping bag in Alison’s room. Spencer ended up spotting Mrs. DiLaurentis handing the clothes to an unknown figure in the woods, and that person may have been CeCe. Photos show that the shirt CeCe was wearing when brought in for questioning matched the shirt that Hanna’s mom pulled out of the bag.

On top of that, Alison’s flashback to the night of her disappearance revealed that her mother had bought her the infamous yellow tank top. Just last week it was brought up that Jason mistook CeCe for Alison the night she disappeared because CeCe was wearing the same or similar yellow shirt. And if that wasn’t suspicious enough, the bag Alison’s yellow tank top came in matched the same bag that held CeCe’s new shirt.

New York Skyline

Pretty Little Liars "Pretty Little Liars" fans initially believed that the Liars were in Philadelphia. However during the rooftop scene it was revealed that they were actually in New York City. Photo: Pretty Little Liars screenshot

The Rosewood police officers were granted a warrant to track not only the cellphones of Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer, but Spencer’s GPS in her car. “Pretty Little Liars” were lead to believe that the girls were in Philadelphia, but a final shot on the roof revealed that they were actually in New York City.

Were the police lying to throw off the parents? Or were the girls initially in Philadelphia? At the beginning of the episode Aria told her friends that “I can’t believe we let Noel bring us here.” Her quote may mean that Noel met them at the location Alison gave them, but somehow moved them to New York.

Noel also took Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer’s cellphones, which means that Ezra and “A” had to have physically follow them.

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