Get ready to pick your jaws up off the floor, “Pretty Little Liars” fans. The first promo video for the Season 5 summer premiere of the hit ABC Family show has been released … and it’s INTENSE.

E! Online obtained the trailer, which teases some dangerous and possibly deadly drama when the fifth season premieres on June 10. And we’re breaking it down! Check out what we learned about the summer premiere from the brand new promo video for Season 5 of “Pretty little Liars”:

1. Who Shot Ezra?

“I know who you are,” Ezra says to “A” in a scene previously shown in the Season 4 finale. As fans of “Pretty Little Liars” know, “A” ultimately ended up shooting Ezra in the gut. And the season ended without the girls finding out the identity of their tormentor.

Will the gang find out who “A” is? The promo video teases a new hashtag, #WhoShotEzra, and Emily can be seen telling a mysterious person that “this will finally be over” when Ezra tells them who “A” is.

2. Is Ezra Alive?

The Season 4 finale ended with Ezra collapsing and the cops searching for the Liars in Philadelphia, not New York. But despite that small hiccup, Ezra will still end up at a hospital. Unfortunately it appears that “A” will be at the hospital as well. The trailer shows Aria yelling for help as Ezra flat lines … and “A” disappears around the corner.

3. Ezria Reunion

Will Aria let bygones be bygones? The teen was devastated after learning about Ezra’s book and secret relationship with Alison. However she ran to her ex-boyfriend when he collapsed on the New York rooftop. The new promo video shows her staying by his side in the hospital – even gripping his hand for comfort.

4. More Secrets

“No more secrets, Ali,” Hanna tells her friend in the promo video. “Either you trust us, or you don’t,” Spencer yells at Alison. But after her big reveal about the night she died, what else could she be hiding? Since the video also flashes by Alison’s tomb, it may have to do with the true identity of the body buried within the wall.

5. Mona’s Role

Will Alison finally confront Mona about tricking her into leaving town? And is Mona working with “A”? The promo video shows Alison in a black hooded jacket with Mona at her tomb site. But it’s unclear if their meeting is a flashback from before the Season 4 finale, or if it’ll take place after Alison’s revealed to be alive.

6. “A” Is Bigger Than We All Thought

Probably the most frightening part of the “Pretty Little Liars” Season 5 trailer shows the five girls surrounded in a playground by a group dressed in all black and wearing skeleton masks.

Are all these people working with “A”? Do they all want Alison dead? Hopefully the answer will be revealed when Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars” premieres on ABC Family on June 10 at 8 p.m.

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