Is Ezra alive? Is he dead? The question has been plaguing “Pretty Little Liars” viewers since the Season 4 finale. And unfortunately fans can’t cast aside their tissues just yet.

The cast and crew of the ABC Family series is currently in the middle of filming the highly anticipated fifth season, and Spencer’s Troian Bellisario dropped a major bomb on her Twitter followers:

“BTW for all of you who think you know for sure @IANMHARDING is back … Wer’e shooting a flashback. #wishfulthinking #keepcrying.”

For those who missed the Season 4 finale, the episode ended with Ezra collapsing on a building rooftop after getting shot in the gut by “A.” The girls were yelling for help, and it seemed the police were nearby looking for them. But a twist revealed that the police had tracked their phones to Philadelphia … not New York City.

#EzraGotShot immediately began trending on Twitter, and #EzraIsAlive followed shortly after. Why? Because Ezra’s Ian Harding revealed to Wet Paint that he officially signed on for Season 5.

“I did sign a contract for a fifth season,” he dished after the finale aired. “I don’t know in what capacity I’m coming back.”

Bellisario’s tweet about Ezra’s mysterious fate came after she Instagramed a photo from the set. The shot featured Bellisario alongside co-stars Ashley Benson (Hanna), Shay Mitchell (Emily) and of course, Ian Harding. Fans immediately began commenting that Ezra must be alive if Harding was still filming, which is when Bellisario cleared things up.

Meanwhile, executive producer Marlene King also posted a photo on Instagram to keep “Pretty Little Liars” fans guessing about Ezra’s life or death situation. “Where are we? #PllSeasonFive,” she tweeted along with a photo of a hospital room. Like Bellisario’s post, King’s was riddled with comments about it being Ezra’s room and that he might even get treated by Wren – an interesting twist!

Do you think Ezra will survive “A’s” gunshot? “Pretty Little Liars” returns to ABC Family for Season 5 on June 10. Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.