Don’t mess with Hanna Marin!

The “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 summer finale kicks off with the Liars enlisting Mona (Janel Parrish) and Caleb’s (Tyler Blackburn) help in searching for Hanna (Ashley Benson). Since Hanna won’t pick up her cell, the group fears the worst and decides to get the police involved. What they don’t know is that Hanna’s fine — well, physically fine. Mentally she’s gone haywire, knocking Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) out with a bat and bringing him back to her hide out. She’s got her former classmate tied up and has a knife ready to get answers out of him.

Rosewood PD, including Detective Furey (Nicholas Gonzalez) and Toby (Keegan Allen), make the Hastings house their base camp. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) spills everything to Furey and apologizes for lying to him the night before. Furey tells her that she doesn’t need to apologize. Her read her file after their first encounter, and knows all about her past. He promises that they’ll get Hanna back safe and bring Noel in for questioning.

Everyone thinks that Hanna’s been abducted, and her photo, along with Noel’s, is plastered all over the news. She doesn’t realize what her friends have done until she goes into a medical clinic to pay someone to test Noel’s blood. Returning to her hideout, Hanna realizes that there is only one thing left to do — call Mona.

Mona was at The Radley keeping an eye on Jenna (Tammin Sursok), but quickly runs to Hanna’s aid. Hanna explains to Mona that she’s waiting on the blood test. However, her friend reveals that they don’t need the blood test to nail Noel. Mona discovers that Noel still has the USB drive on him, the same USB that has the footage of him at the dollhouse. With the USB in their possession, they can turn Noel over to the police. But Hanna doesn’t want to “settle” on Noel getting arrested for the doll house. She wants to prove that he’s AD.

The two hatch a plan to buy some time. Mona agrees to watch over Noel and deal with Jenna if Hanna returns home and tells the police that it was all a misunderstanding. Everyone believes Hanna — except Caleb. He gives a passionate speech about her always being a pain, and accidentally sneaks in that he still wants to spend the rest of their lives together.

“I don’t want to spend another day without you, ever,” he tells her. “For the rest of my life.”

Hanna forgets about the last 24 hours and kisses Caleb. As Hanna and Caleb spend the night together, Emily (Shay Mitchell) decides to stay with Alison (Sasha Pieterse). It’s at Alison’s house that Emily learns that her friend is pregnant with Archer’s (Huw Collins) baby. Alison is an emotional mess, but Emily promises to be there for her. The two are on the couch later on when Alison moves in to kiss her. Emily’s hesitant, warning Alison that she’s vulnerable. But Alison knows what she’s doing. The two kiss and fall asleep on the couch.

Elsewhere, Spencer has a romantic dinner with Furey — courtesy of Toby. Her ex told her new love interest about all her favorite things to ensure that they have a nice evening. Unfortunately, Aria’s not having a good time. She planned a romantic welcome home dinner for Ezra (Ian Harding), but he never came home. She’s frantically trying to find out if he boarded or not when she discovers that her fiancé is on the news. Nicole Gordon (Rebecca Breeds) was found in Colombia, and the news is airing her happy reunion with Ezra.

Things don’t get any easier in the morning. Spencer goes to say goodbye to Toby and gives him one last kiss goodbye. It seems like there is unfinished business between them, but Toby’s moving on. Hanna wakes up to a phone call from the lab revealing that Noel’s blood doesn’t match Mary Drake’s (Andrea Parker). Meanwhile, Emily has to face Paige (Lindsey Shaw), who is furious that her ex-girlfriend is getting bewitched by Alison again. Emily tries to argue with her, but she can’t tell Paige about Alison’s pregnancy.

The girls regroup at Spencer’s house, where Hanna finally confesses to kidnapping Noel. She explains everything that happened — including finding out that he’s not related the Mary. He might not be Charlotte’s blood relative, but they still think there is a chance he could be AD. They hatch a plan to sneak away from the police and go to the motel room that Hanna locked Noel in. The bad news is that he’s no longer in the room — and he took Hanna’s video camera.

The video camera can prove that Hanna kidnapped him. Fortunately, he’s willing to make a trade for it. They get a text saying to meet at a house on Elm Street to trade the USB for the camera.

As the Liars head to Elm Street, Mona and Caleb are at The Radley monitoring Jenna. They watch their old enemy walk to the bar and order two drinks. While it looks like Jenna is meeting someone, the bartender actually carries the drinks to their table. The woman they thought was Jenna is actually Sydney (Chloe Bridges). She was disguised as Jenna to throw them off.

The Liars arrive at Elm Street, and they’re not the only ones there. Mary Drake is hiding in the shadows. The building used to be a school for the blind that was in operation until 2009. Jenna’s voice comes over an intercom and tells them to leave the USB on the table. The Liars do as their told, and when they do, Hanna’s recording begins to play. They head up the stairs and find Hanna’s camera in a room where they would teach blind students to care for babies. They grab the camera and take off down the stairs — but Emily forgets her phone. Hanna goes upstairs to grab it, and that’s where they run into Noel.

“You really think we’d let you leave? He asks them. “You know too much.”

Emily and Hanna hide in a spooky room that looks like “Tim Burton’s garage sale.” Meanwhile, the others are downstairs and come face-to-face with Jenna — who has a gun.

They’re silent, so Jenna walks by and heads upstairs. They think that they got the upper hand on her because she’s blind, but Jenna evens the playing field by killing the lights.

Things aren’t going any better upstairs as Noel manages to get his hands on an axe. Emily and Hanna distract him by knocking over some shelves and make a run for it. With Noel disoriented, they jump him from behind. Hanna knocks the axe out of his hand and it gets lodged in the floor. Emily strikes him and Noel goes down — accidentally decapitating himself in the process. Spencer, Aria and Alison are horrified when his head rolls down the stairs.

They race up the stairs to check on Emily and Hanna. Noel might not be a problem anymore, but Jenna still is. When the Liars try to make a run for it, Jenna begins firing. They make it down the stairs before realizing that Spencer is not behind them. She’s been shot in the chest and manages to crawl into a room. Jenna smells her blood and follows her, ready to finish the job. Things look grim for Spencer, but someone comes up from behind Jenna and knocks her down — Mary Drake!

Someone else drags Jenna’s body away. Meanwhile, the Liars run upstairs to find Mary Drake singing a lullaby and cradling Spencer in her arms.

“Please don’t leave me,” Mary Drake says. “I would never hurt you. I’m your mother.”

Spencer can’t even respond. Her friends are horrified as she closes her eyes.

The “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 summer finale doesn’t end there. The episode cuts to Toby’s truck in a terrible accident. Both Toby and Yvonne (Kara Royster) are both unconscious and bloody, and it’s not clear if they’re alive.

An ambulance looks like it’s approaching, but it’s not for them. Whoever took Jenna has her in the back of it. The mystery person throws a mask at her, but viewers don’t see their face. The unknown person is the real AD.

The episode ends with AD closing a box on a miniature doll of Spencer. Does that mean she’s dead?

Pretty Little Liars Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is revealed to be Mary Drake’s (Andrea Parker) baby in the Season 7 summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars.” Photo: Freeform