Nine Siberian prison camps met in Krasnoyarsk, Russia over the weekend to compete in the "Spartakiada Games," and inmate-only athletic competition.

Teams from each camp faced each other in six separate events, which included various weight-lifting challenges and a tug-of-war tournament. The weekend prison Olympics were the final culmination of a 3-month-long regional penitentiary tournament.

The games took place in an open-air enclosure under the watchful eye of prison guards.

This is just the latest indication that prison in Russia has come a long way in the Siberian Gulag days. Last week, a Russian crime boss E-mailed photos of his tequila-fueled toga-themed birthday party from inside Moscow's Serpukhov jail. Anton Kuznetsov -- who is being detained for robbery -- and friends posed in improvised gladiator costumes, then had a sit down dinner, complete with caviar, cheeseburgers and booze.

Below are photos from the sporting tournament. And yes, Russian inmates are just as scary as you imagined.