At E3 2013, the upcoming survival-horror game "The Last of Us" was shown off by developer Naughty Dog, creator also of "Uncharted." "The Last of Us" is only two days from release and will be exclusively for the PS3.

"The Last of Us" is very story driven, focusing around two survivors: Joel and Ellie. The game also revolves around the "moral choice" game mechanic that began to gain prominence with the original "Bioshock," among other games. "The Last of Us" isn't full of choices that are merely black or white -- like real life itself, its world is very, very gray.

In short, Joel and Ellie aren't protagonists. They're merely two desperate souls who form a bond by sharing experiences filled with both horror and happiness. They aren't antagonists either. Similar to  every other creature in existence (with rare exceptions, like the Lemming), they're just trying to survive the nightmare that they find themselves in.

There's no word on whether "The Last of Us" is a stand-alone title or part of a franchise supported by multiple sequels, but the game will be supported by singleplayer DLC.

Check out "The Last of Us" in action below.



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