On Tuesday, beta testers who are part of Sony’s public beta program will get the chance to check out PlayStation 4’s upcoming 4.00 update. Earlier today, PlayStation’s Brand Marketing Vice President John Koller took to the company’s official U.S. blog to announce the imminent arrival of the PS4 update codenamed Shingen. In his blog post, Koller initially teased that the software update beta will come with a refreshed system UI, an updated Quick Menu, new organization tools and much more.

Per Koller’s post, PS4 users will get a glimpse of the improved user interface through the upcoming beta, which is said to come with a revamped What’s New tab and redesigned icons. Additionally, Quick Menu has been modified, so that players will not be required to temporarily leave the game when accessing the menu. Instead, the menu will only cover a part of the screen. Quick Menu also has shortcuts players can use to quicky access their Favorite Groups, Communities and others.

The highlight of the PS4 4.00 Shingen update is the inclusion of folders. According to Eurogamer, players will have the ability to create folders on PS4’s library and content launcher to prevent their collections of games, betas and demos from cluttering. For the longest time, many players have been struggling to sort out the numerous content they have, so the folder option is really a great addition to the console’s software.

Other things beta testers should check out when using the PS4 4.00 update beta is the Share Menu that is now faster and more streamlined than before. In addition, there is also the new feature that allows players to view their Trophy collection offline and the enhanced User Profile that only provides relevant data to users at a glance.

Meanwhile, earlier today, a Sony support worker has reportedly leaked on Reddit some info on the company’s plan to launching 2-step verification on PS4 possibly tonight, Press Start reported. The support worker stated that the safety feature will come to users in New Zealand and Australia first before heading to other parts of the world.

The 2-step verification is said to be Sony’s response to the concerns of PS4 owners who may have been victims of hacking incidents. Also, it is seen as a must since PSN accounts are being targeted by hackers recently. With this new feature, players will be required to enter another password on top of the actual password they have of the account. The additional password will be provided by PSN itself via SMS. Players are requested to encode their mobile number into the system, to receive SMS of the codes whenever needed. However, Sony has yet to confirm or deny the rumored launch of 2-step verification on PSN.