The PlayStation 4, aka PS4, has officially been released. After months of anticipation, Sony's (NYSE:SNE) next-gen console is in the hands of gamers who may have purchased a few launch titles. Now what's next? Unfortunately, gamers may have to wait until next year before making another game purchase.

The PS4's launch featured games such as "Knack," "Killzone: Shadow Fall" and "Call of Duty: Ghosts," but there were some promising titles that were delayed. The highly anticipated "Watch Dogs" was delayed until 2014, as were "Minecraft" and "Driveclub," limiting the options for gamers making their initial or second purchase.

A quick look at GameStop's list of coming games for the PS4 reveals that next to nothing will be released until 2014, save for Electronic Arts' "NBA Live 14," which will be released on Tuesday. Gamers can still do a lot with their PS4, and there will be new games that will be released on the PlayStation Network, as well as free games such as "Resogun" and "Contrast" for PlayStation Plus members, but fans may have to wait until purchasing a true "next-gen" game that shows off the capabilities of Sony's new console.

During the company's launch event, there were some big announcements that look promising for PS4 owners. Sony set a March 21 release date for "inFAMOUS: Second Son" as well as first access to Bungie's "Destiny," and Naughty Dog teased a new "Uncharted" for the PS4.

"TowerFall Ascension," from indie developer Matt Thorson, is described as a "local multiplayer combat game about using archery to destroy your friends" and should be a fun diversion for fans. "Thief," the popular PC stealth adventure, is published by Square Enix and developed by Eidos Studios Montreal and will be released on Feb. 25, 2014.

A minor video game drought is common for any new console launch, and Sony hopes the new announcements will ease some of those fears from gamers. A new trailer featuring some upcoming games, as well as launch titles, can be viewed below.