“Destiny’s” first DLC, “The Dark Below,” will launch on Tuesday, but a number of users are complaining that the pending downloadable content is locking out PlayStation 4 “Destiny” players. “The Dark Below” is set to launch at 4 a.m. EST on Tuesday morning.

Xbox One players are reporting that they’re having no issues signing into Xbox Live and playing Bungie’s shooter, but PlayStation 4 players who downloaded digital copies of the game seem to be encountering the problem more often than those who purchased physical copies.

“I bought the first expansion on Friday, not the expansion pass, and now when I try to play ‘Destiny’ I see a timer for the release of the first expansion,” user Torang12 said on Reddit on Sunday. “I can't launch ‘Destiny’ and the timer still has a day and 13 hours on it. Will I be able to play before the launch of the expansion?”

Several players confirmed that the entire game is inaccessible after purchasing “The Dark Below” on Sony’s eighth-generation console. When players attempt to sign in, they’re met with a screen that showed countdown times to the release of “The Dark Below.”

“Crap like this is another reason not to purchase games ahead of time. I know it's just a technical issue, and not big bad Activision trying to ruin our games, but it's a symptom of the larger problem,” user p0lium added. “Companies don't spend as much time ironing this stuff out, because they don't feel they need to.”

Players who contacted Sony were told that the issue was on Activision’s end, and were assured that the game and downloadable content would work early Tuesday morning when “The Dark Below” reached users.