As part of its PlayStation 4 reveal event, Sony teased "The Dark Sorcerer," an upcoming game for the just-unveiled PS4. The teaser trailer was not a cutscene but rendered within the game's engine in real time.

In the teaser trailer, an evil sorcerer is seen conjuring dark forces while assisted by a goblin. We were beginning to get the impression that "The Dark Sorcerer" could be what "Diablo 3" failed to live up to.

Just as we thought we had a good idea of what "The Dark Sorcerer" was, the trailer cut to a zoomed-out shot, which revealed that the paranormal scene we were being treated to was actually being shot at a studio.

The title character then began casually talking with a cameraman or director, who was off-screen. There was also casual and humorous banter between the sorcerer and his goblin assistant. The twist got some chuckles out of us, and, though the trailer went from darkly serious to deceptively silly, our interest in "The Dark Sorcerer" did not wane.

Sony went on to say that more details about "The Dark Sorcerer" will be revealed tomorrow. We can't wait to get a closer look at the game.

Check out photos of the teaser trailer for "The Dark Sorcerer" below.

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