Psyonix is releasing an exciting update for its physics-based vehicular soccer video game “Rocket League” this September, and the developer is not wasting any moment to build up the hype prior its official release.

On Monday, the Rocket League team uploaded the update’s trailer on the game’s official YouTube account. Titled “Rocket League - Rumble Trailer,” the video clip gives a bird’s-eye view of the new Rumble mode that adds more excitement to the gameplay.

Some of the exciting elements featured in the trailer are some of the power-ups gamers can use in gaining advantage over their opponents, according to Engadget.

A day prior the release of the trailer, the team announced on the last day of the Rocket League Championship Series Live Finals in Hollywood. that the new update is arriving next month.

The Rumble mode is just one of the features of the upcoming update for the multi-platform indie game. Players can access the new mode in online playlists, just like Hoops and Mutator, as per GameSpot.

The Rumble mode, which the developer confirmed to be free, can also be accessed when gamers are in Private and Exhibition matches.

The power-ups included in the update are The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Grappling Hook, Haymaker, Magnetizer, Plunger, Power Hitter, Spike, Swapper and Tornado.

Based on the official website of “Rocket League,” The Boot can be used to kick the opponent's vehicle, while Disruptor literally disrupts the normal functioning of the opponent’s car.

Freezer is a power-up that can freeze the ball in a specific location. On the other hand, Grappling Hook is just like what its name suggests, so it can be used to manipulate the ball to the advantage of the player.

Additionally, Haymaker is used to punch the ball, while Magnetizer and Plunger are used to attract or grab the ball. As for the Power Hitter power-up, players can use this when they intend to hit something really hard.

Finally, Spike ensures that the ball will attach to the vehicle once it makes contact, Swapper allows players to switch positions and Tornado produces a tall tornado that will sweep the ball up and away from the opponents.