“Quantico” is straying away from the title in Season 2. No one is training at the FBI facility anymore, but there is still more to learn. After last season’s offer, Alex will start working at the CIA. However, an agency full of spies is bound to have some secrets. A few of the Season 2 surprises have already been revealed before Sunday’s premiere.

1. New Characters — Owen Hall (Blair Underwood) will be training Alex, and her new classmates will include a thief (Russell Tovey), an author (David Call), a lawyer (Pearl Thusi) and a photojournalist (Aaron Diaz).

2. Alex’s New Mentor — Owen will warm up to Alex quickly. “He knows that she could be one of the best, if not the best operative, so he’s hard on her,” Underwood told Entertainment Weekly. “He’s constantly busting her chops, because he knows she can be the best.”

3. Old Characters — Alex isn’t going to ditch her FBI friends now that she is in the CIA. The new season will show how the two agencies work together. Behind-the-scenes photos reveal that she’ll be seeing her old co-workers very quickly in the new season.

4. Ryan — Last season, Alex had to choose between a phone call from Ryan or a job offer from the CIA. It doesn’t exactly seem like chose one over the other. They’ll both go to the CIA. “Alex and Ryan are actually undercover inside the CIA for the FBI, so that’s another layer of something that they are hiding,” executive producer Joshua Safran told the Hollywood Reporter.

5. A Possible Engagement — Alex and Ryan’s new assignment seems to be going very well. Ryan even has an engagement ring even in the trailer for “Quantico” Season 2.

6. Episode Titles — The installments are no longer named after the last word said in each episode. They are clues about the episode, however. “This season the titles are actual CIA cryptograms. We used the closest cryptogram to the actual CIA that we could for the titles,” Safran said. The premiere’s title Kudove, refers to the CIA Deputy Director for Operations.

7. Flashbacks — “Quantico” Season 2 will still have two timelines, but Safran promised that they’ll be less confusing. “The incident in the future is connected to the past, obviously, but it’s not the same kind of urgency or accelerated engine like last year with [Alex] being on the run,” Safran told TV Guide. “It’s a little bit of a slow-burn compared to last year... You kind of have to piece the pieces together the way Alex does.”

8. A Bigger Threat — Alex is still dealing with terrorism, but the target is larger than just an attack on New York. The threat is going global. “Well, it’s definitely a much bigger threat than what happened last year, and you know, Alex is tenacious and a survivor and able to think quickly on her feet, so she’s someone who’s in the position to help when this new threat arrives. It’s about how she figures that out,” Chopra told Entertainment Weekly.

“Quantico” Season 2 premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.