Rachel Dolezal, former NAACP leader for Spokane, Washington chapter, was seen using the N-word in an interview about the struggles she faced as a black woman, reports said Thursday. The interview, which is available on YouTube, was taken by an Eastern Washington University student called Lauren Campbell, who is working on her thesis.

In the video released last week, Rachel is seen describing an incident that happened in her son Frank’s classroom during a geography lesson, where Nigeria's name was mispronounced. The incident was not addressed by the teacher, Rachel said, adding that other students were unaware of the mistake that was made. 

“They got in a group of five students … and they had the whole continent map there. ... They were like reading some of the other countries and a student was like, ‘Yeah, N----r-ia’ which is Nigeria, right? Okay. And Franklin was like, ‘Uh, we don’t say it like that,’” Dolezal was seen saying in the video, according to the Inquisitr, adding: “Everybody in his group agreed that was the correct pronunciation. … I didn’t want to tell the teacher about it, because what if she also didn’t know? He’s like, ‘I’m just glad that we weren’t focusing on the Niger River or the Niger Valley that day.’”

She also reportedly claimed that her son received death threats and one particular student also threatened to assassinate her son, if he became successful in future, Inquisitr reported.

Meanwhile, television star Kelly Osborne was slammed for posting a picture of herself on Instagram on Thursday, dressed as Rachel. She reportedly captioned it "kellyosbourne #CallMeRachel #MyCasualLook."

“Didn't she throw a fit after that Zendaya incident? She made the biggest deal out of it and even quit FP. Now she's doing the same as Giuliana. LOL! #alwaysbeenahypocite,” a user named flipe_mnz commented on Osborne’s image mocking Rachel.

"She is a transracialphobic dont go around talkin bout bruce jenner 'is so brave' yet you make fun of transracial. Transgender and transracial are the same thing. Your corny a-- joke aren’t funny they are f------ rude,” another user named krazy_kai_kai commented on the picture.

Amid the controversy surrounding Rachel's ethnicity, a report by TMZ on Thursday, cited documents, saying that her brother Joshua attacked her when she was a teenager. The documents claimed that Joshua, who has been charged with four counts of sexual assault by his other sister Esther, was nearly 17 years old when he threw Rachel on the ground and sexually abused her. Esther’s name has been redacted from the complaints against him. Rachel reportedly claims that her parents gave away details about her race because she convinced Esther to accuse Joshua of sexual abuse. Joshua, who was charged in March 2014, is currently awaiting trial.

An investigation into Rachel's application to Spokane’s ombudsman commission to know if she lied about her ethnicity is also ongoing. She was removed from the commission on Thursday. Meanwhile, her parents claim that she is white and released photos of her childhood.