Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) have discovered a rare gold coin dating back to 2,200 years. It weighs almost an ounce while most gold coins weiged 4.5 gms, CNN reported.

The coin was minted in Alexandria, Egypt, by Ptolemy V and dates to 191 BCE. It is only the second gold Ptolemaic coin ever found in Israel.

The obverse, or 'head' of the coin, portrays Queen Arsinoe II Philadelphus.

The reverse, or 'tail,' illustrates two overlapping cornucopias decorated with fillets, according to the IAA.

In the parlance of antiquities experts, the coin's denomination is referred to as a mnaieion, meaning a one-mina coin, and is equivalent to 100 silver drachms, or a mina of silver, CNN report added.