“Ravenswood” aired its season 1 finale on Tuesday, and we have one thing to say about it: Wow. Not only did the ABC Family series tug at our heartstrings with its emotional Haleb reunion, but we also found ourselves digging our nails into our favorite chair throughout the entire one-hour show. Seriously, Caleb — you owe us a new loveseat after that dramatic episode.

And if you happened to miss the highly anticipated tenth and final episode of season 1, don’t be too bummed. We’ve got your back with the seven most shocking moments from the winter finale of “Ravenswood.”

1. Hanna Comes To Ravenswood: We knew the “Pretty Little Liars” star would be making the trek from Rosewood to visit Caleb, but we never expected her to have a faceoff with Miranda. OK, so maybe it was more of a ghostoff.

After Caleb admitted the truth about being able to see his deceased friend, Hanna became a bit skeptical about her boyfriend's mental stability. That’s why she decided to directly reach out to the women she initially wanted to beat to a pulp. Instead of an argument about who stole whose man, Hanna and Miranda have a calm and collected discussion regarding their feelings for one another and Caleb. The catch? Hanna couldn’t actually see or hear responses from the girl she was talking to. The conversation ended with Miranda giving Haleb her blessing.

2. Who The Heck Is Bloody Eyes?: The apparition with the leaking eyeballs is a student by the name of Ryan Atwater. He is the one responsible for showing “The Five” visions from the past and was also killed by the curse.

Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Did you think "Ravenswood" season 1 finale was shocking? Photo: Ravenswood

3. Olivia And Luke Learn Who Really Killed Their Father: One disturbing image Ryan showed the siblings was who was really the one who murdered their father. Ready for this? It was Dillon! Guess it goes to show you really can’t trust a guy who slick backs his hair. Later on during the season finale of “Ravenswood,” we learn that those who try to end the curse ultimately end up six feet under.

4. Miranda Finally Gets Closure: Not only has the dead darling finally come to terms with her relationship with Caleb, but she’s also gotten closure with her uncle. Through a conversation with Caleb, Hanna’s ex-boyfriend accuses Mr. Collins of being affiliated with the deathly curse.

But Mr. Collins explained that he’s done everything he could to prevent it — including shooing his only living kin away so that the curse wouldn’t harm her. Now we know why he slammed the door so hard!

5. “The Five” Figure Out Who Created The Pact: After Remy is kidnapped by Dillon, the friends decide to go after her. Go figure — it was all a trap to get the group together. When the curse’s creator finally reveals themself, the image changes from the spider-faced lady to a man wearing a black ensemble known as “Avadon.”

The evil entity then attempts to bring Miranda back to life. And while that sounds all fine and dandy, it’s actually just another trick. And Mr. Collins makes that perfectly clear when he storms into the church where the pact was made, attempting to keep his niece deceased.

According to Mr. Collins, Avadon was bringing Miranda back to life because “The Five” needed “to die together” to be effective. That’s when Mr. Collins brings out the big guns — or should we say jars? He smashes a clear tube that reads off Caleb’s name. Avadon than vanishes. But we doubt he’ll be gone for good.

6. Ding-dong the Dillon is dead!: After doing all of Avadon’s dirty work, the teen runs into the woods. That’s when he sees Max. She swears she’s about to lead him to safety, except she brings him to train tracks instead. We think you can put the pieces together.

7. Double The Caleb, Double The Fun: Hanna and Miranda both end up with Caleb in the end. Except, Hanna gets the living one and Miranda ends up with the ghostly Caleb from the past that Mr. Collins released.

We’re you surprised with how the season finale of “Ravenswood” ended? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!