Singer Ray J was seen, bleary-eyed and dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Sunday morning, distraught over the death of Whitney Houston. Ray J was at the hotel Sunday with three companions, being consoled over the sudden passing of his former girlfriend, reported The L.A. Times. 

Whitney dead, Ray J said multiple times. Whitney dead. We all gotta live with that. His friends attempted to console him but Ray J was reportedly distraught. He made demands of the hotel's frazzled employees and quieted his friends with expletives, according to The L.A. Times.

The singer mentioned missed calls from Houston. We all gotta live with that.

When asked for a comment by reporters, one of Ray J's companions said, Nothing right now.

It was initially reported that Ray J found Whitney Houston's dead body in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. That rumor was later squashed by his rep who said that the singer was nowhere near the scene but, still, no less distraught. Houston was set to attend Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party. There was speculation that the two would attend together.

Houston and Ray J were a romantic item, dating from 2007 to 2009, and had recently been photographed together. They were seen dining at West Hollywood eatery Le Petit Four on Sunset Boulevard on Feb. 3, according to BET. Many assumed the two were rekindling an old flame.

Whitney Houston and the young singer were an unlikely match from the start. The 17-year age difference was a major factor. Houston was 48-years-old and Ray J is 31-years-old. When they met in 2007, he was just 27.

At the time, the beautiful singer was embattled in a roller-coaster relationship with Bobby Brown - a 14-year union blemished with drug use, alleged abuse, stints in rehab, extramarital affairs and bizarre behavior. Their crazy relationship was documented by cameras for the reality TV show Being Bobby Brown, which aired in 2005.

Ray J was notorious for his relationship and sex tape with reality star Kim Kardashian. He also had a reality show on Vh1 For the Love of Ray J. He is also the younger brother of singer Brandy.

These two became an item and were spotted at Hollywood events like Jay-Z and LeBron James' All-Star game and fancy dinners at L.A. hotspots, reported MTV.

The last they were seen together, Ray J and Houston looked very happy. He was acting particularly chivalrous, opening the car door for her to make sure she was safely inside.

Saturday was Ray J's sister Brady's birthday. He tweeted Happy BirthDay to my beautiful Sister Brandy! I love you 4Life And I'm alwayz here 4 you! #happybirthdayBrandy 2/11. This was before the news of Whitney Houston's death.

Brandy was at Clive Davis' party with singer Monica. The two were there to promote their song It All Belongs to Me, their first song together since 1998's The Boy is Mine. However, after news of Whitney Houston's death, the two were too grief-stricken to perform, said Davis.