The ladies of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” packed their bags and headed for Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it seems they brought all the drama along with them. During episode 18, Lisa Rinna finally decided to own up to the drama, admitting that Lisa Vanderpump played a bigger part in the Munchausen syndrome rumors than she initially let on.

Lisa R. sat down with Eileen Davidson — her go-to in times of trouble — to share with her that Lisa V. had made a comment after hearing that she’d engaged in a conversation about Yolanda Foster’s diagnosis. The former actress claims that Lisa V. asked her why she didn’t “drag Kyle [Richards] into” the drama, insinuating that Lisa R. should play it off as though it was she and the former child star who had been talking about Yolanda’s illness or lack thereof. Eileen urges Lisa R. to confront Lisa V. about her comments, forcing her to own up to what she said. She attempts to do so during a night in the desert, but is unsuccessful. Lisa V. claims she said she was fearful that Lisa R. would attempt to take them all down with the Munchausen accusations. She excuses herself from the conversation before it can get heated, but Lisa R. is far from done.

The ladies spend the following day at the shuk searching for local treasures. During their little excursion, Lisa R. asks Eileen if she can bend her ear later that night, and she obliges. The ladies meet in Eileen’s room, where Lisa R. shares the details of her confusing conversation with Lisa V. Eileen claims this is a prime example of Lisa V.’s manipulative nature, once again recalling questionable comments she’d made during their trip to the Hamptons in New York about the nature of her marriage. She pleads with Lisa R. not to back down, suggesting that it’s time Lisa V. be held accountable.

That night during dinner, the confrontation happens. Lisa R. faces off against Lisa V., claiming she changed the story entirely. Lisa V. denies these claims, reiterating once more that she was only afraid that Lisa R. would try to take them all down. Kyle admits she had been aware that this drama was bubbling below the  surface for several months, but chose not to say anything because she values her relationship with Lisa V. too much. She maintains that it’s not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, while Lisa V. claims that it was simply a misunderstanding. Eileen once again seizes the opportunity to bring up the Hamptons incident, demanding an apology. Lisa V. says she’s sorry once more, but it’s not enough for Eileen. The soap opera star says she feels there’s a lack of sincerity in Lisa V.’s apology. The restaurateur attempts to walk away from the dinner, but is urged to stay and talk it out. The women chat, but resolve very little.

According to a preview for the upcoming episode the Dubai drama is far from over. Tune in to “RHOBH” Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Bravo.